Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3 - Web 2.0 Awards

Well, I already use/have tried some of the sites that got awards. Such as: Google Maps, Craigslist, MyHeritage, Zillow, Facebook, Google Earth, MySpace, and - thanks to this class - Google Docs, Twitter & Flickr.

Since I've already explored the above, I decided to check out the books' websites. I've been in need of suggestions for interesting books and was hoping to find something user friendly that allowed me to search for books that I didn't yet know I wanted to read. Lulu came the closest. It offered a category of Literature and Fiction books (what I was looking for) and sub-categorized it by Best-Seller. It also provided a nice description of the novel as well. The only downside was that the books are so recent my local library doesn't yet carry most of them.

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