Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3 - Current Technologies/Career Use

Since creating my very own blog, I have been running ideas in my head about how to incorporate the learnings from Kins 710 into my former (you never know when you'll need to return), current, and future careers.

Currently as a fitness instructor, setting up a blog for fitness instructors and those that take our classes would be a great networking tool. This would enable us to give feedback/ideas to each other. Although I'm linked to many instructors and members via Facebook, a blog would be geared to fitness as a main topic. Twitter would be a great motivation/maintenance tool by sending out tweets of reminders to incorporate fitness into your day, an encouraging thought, a class reminder, or a link to a quick, healthy receipe.

Formerly as a high school instructor/coach, blog as a journal versus a note pad and paper would be emensely handy. Not only would more students participate, but it would be easier to grade/comment! Although Facebook is too broad, a blog would also be nice to communicate with students the days lessons and encourage reflection/feedback as homework. Twitter homework reminders and important school function reminders. Google Docs is amazing for all necessary preparation needed that requires any pc documents - no flashdrive/email attachments needed. Bloglines/Google Reader would be great for those assignments that require an acquisition of internet research.

Future college fitness instructor would be able to incorporate all the above into the classes' daily needs. By being able to see how my former and current positions would benefit from the learned technology, the coming together of both worlds would be technologically amazing. I would be able to incorporate everything from Tweets to blogs to Google Docs to Bloglines/Google Reader into my career. Not only would this technology make teaching easier, it would make it more fun!

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