Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3 - Google Docs

I LOVE Google Docs! There are so many ways to incorporate it into teaching. You can post presentations that absent students may have missed so that it is their responsibility to get the information (presentation - post it to class blog); you can use it for grading (spreadsheet - able to access from anywhere); you can use it as a word doc (ie sample paper that is due or any pertinant information). It is like having all of your pc documents anywhere! No bringing along your flash drive or sending a doc via email just to save it to the computer your working on. Then to have to send it back and save it to the original computer. It is just fantastic!

You can find my presentation here! It is short (only 3 pgs), but you'll get to see my little man!

I did have trouble embedding the code into this post. Any suggestions?

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